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I’m a gamer that likes several different types of genres, but when it comes to my gaming mouse I like to gear it more towards FPS-type games. I do this because I know that if I get a mouse that’s good enough for FPS-type games that it’ll be good enough for everything else. Take Action RPGs for example. As long as I have a mouse that’s accurate I can use my mechanical keyboard for all of my other macros and skills.

I feel like compared to most people, I’ve used more than my fair share of gaming mice. Even right now I use three different gaming mice based upon what I’m doing and what grip I’m using. I use the DeathAdder for most FPS games, the G500 for casual games and work, and the G9X when I want weight tuning or a different grip. There’s also a lot of new mice that have been released recently that should be strongly considered for FPS gaming. I’ll go over the classics, the new ones, and the updated gaming mice and let you know which ones I think are best. That being said don’t just take my word for it. I’ll leave a poll at the bottom of this post where you can vote for your favorite and see what other gamers think as well.

Is DPI Important in a Gaming Mouse?

This all depends upon your personal playstyle, what you use your mouse for, and screen’s resolution. Where DPI gets confusing for most people is when it’s related to accuracy. DPI or dots per inch is simply how sensitive your mouse is in terms of its movement. For example, Kim Ron CMO of SteelSeries has said that most professional gamers use a mouse with a DPI of 800 to 1600. This has been the case with pretty much every professional gamer I’ve come across as well. There are exceptions to this for those who use resolutions in excess of 1920 x 1080, but ultimately, a better sensor and surface will have more impact in terms of precision and accuracy.

 Understanding Sensor Types and Getting Technical

Different mice sensors behave differently on various types of surfaces. If you want technical information this forum thread is probably the most in-depth for understanding sensor types. For the purposes of the list below it’s important to understand that while optical sensors may be considered more accurate because of their lack of acceleration, other choices may be better for some in terms of their functionality, grip, buttons, and feel. Overall you want something that is accurate, functional, and feels good to you.

2013 List of the Top Ten FPS Gaming Mice

Improved Rubber Side GripsRazer DeathAdder 2013 Gaming Mouse

We recently did a review and unboxing of Razer’s DeathAdder 2013. As the most used mouse in PC gaming it’s also my number one in terms of the FPS genre. Razer recently updated this mouse with an improved 4G optical Avago s3988 sensor and rubber side grips. These continued improvements in functionality and accuracy help to keep this mouse on top.

One of the reasons I personally like it is because of how accurate the mouse is at a high, mid, or low level of DPI. You can adjust your sensitivity on-the-fly by programming it into one of the side buttons or the push down scroll wheel button. There are very few mice on the market that are able to accomplish this and still have a great look and feel.

CM Storm SpawnCM Storm Spawn – A Good Gaming Mouse for Claw Grippers

Another mouse that has similar precision is the CM Storm Spawn. With a Avago ADNS-A3090 sensor you get just about as much accuracy at about half of the price. It’s a claw-style grip and a bit short, so it’s definitely out if you’re a palm gripper. For the money it’s also really good deal if you can find it on sale below $40. This is especially good considering you would have paid about 30% more just a year ago.

The DPI adjustment is a bit more convenient than the DeathAdder and allows you to switch between the 800, 1800, or 3400 DPI presets or configure your own. If you’re budget is under $50 and you’re a claw gripper, then choose between the Spawn and the Abyssus.

Razer Abyssus

The Abyssus is a lot like the claw grip version of the DeathAdder and has the same 3.5G infrared sensor which Razer used back in 2009. It’s worth looking into vs. the Spawn if you’d prefer the Razer look and feel. While it does lack the programmable buttons of the Spawn, I like the feel of it a little bit better overall.

G400S vs MX518 vs G400Logitech G400 and G400S

Another solid FPS gaming mouse is the Logitech G400s, an update of the G400, released in March of 2013. It has a super accurate S3095 optical sensor and has a sculpted grip that feels a lot like your classic MX518. There’s not a lot of difference between the G400 and G400s while my personal preference likes the look of the G400 and the feel of the G400s.

In addition the G400s doesn’t have optional angle snapping. Additional details include 8 programmable buttons, up to 4,000 DPI, and on the-fly sensitivity adjustment. Overall this is another solid option in the $500 range and in my opinion, the most durable and or long-lasting.

Roccat SavuRoccat Savu

Another great mouse for FPS gaming is the Roccat Savu which sports the Avago A3090 optical sensor. It’s a solid surprise from 2012 that is good for gamers with small sized hands and claw grips.

Zowie EC Evo

Plain and simple the Zowie EC Evo is an amazing mouse and one of my favorite releases of 2012. Its major appeal lies in its accurate A3090 optical sensor and standard 1,000Hz which can be switched to 500Hz. Gaming with it is smooth with great tracking at any level of sensitivity. Overall it’s similarly priced with Razer’s Deathadder and for good reason. They have similar features, but the EC Evo may appeal to those who’d rather not have software to deal with. For big hands consider Zowie’s EC1 rather than the EC2.

Call of Duty MW3 G9XLogitech G9X

It’s not always about the sensor, sometimes functionality and feel are just as appealing. I recently reviewed the Logitech G9X Call of Duty Version. This is one of these mice that gives you a great deal of quality and functionality with good overall accuracy. I like being able to change out the wide and precision grips and this particular mouse is one of my favorite claw grippers. Overall if you can find it on sale, like the Call of Duty version, you’ll save quite a bit of money and end up with a quality mouse that will last you a long time.

Honorable Mention: CM Storm Recon, MadCatz R.A.T. 3, Logitech MX 518, Puretrak Valor, Roccat Kone XTD, SteelSeries Kana, Logitech G300, Razer Taipan, Logitech G700s, SteelSeries Sensei

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  1. Personally i prefer the steelseries sensei v2 because it
    it is so comfy, but it does feel a little cheap. And if you
    Compare it to razer mice they don’t feel cheap even though the sensei is relatively pricy.

  2. i think mouse feet is extremely important for fps gaming and razer deathadder 2013 has very small skates and it is not slippy enough. especially with cloth pad. i think kone xtd,savu and sensei have really great skates. but my favorite mouse is g400s because of its wonderful shape. i really created for my hand and skates’ size are big enough.

    • Thanks for your comment Tolga. I can’t say that I’ve had the same experience as you with the DeathAdder; however, I do agree that the G400s is an awesome mouse.

  3. Ive been playing FPS game for a 5 year now. Since i started playing my gaming mouse is already deathadder ver, 1 and then i buy this deathadder 2013 edition it has been good at aiming my target and got a good precision at the game.

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